The Rockaway center in NYC

There’s a major feature in the NY Times about a cool new meditation center in New York.


Sadhu! This makes me very happy. Bhante Suddhaso is a wonderful monk/human being. :grinning: It’s great seeing that the center is doing so well!

It made me grin seeing how ‘hip’ The New York Times made the center sound, (I mean, I’m sure it is hip) when in fact they offer retreats by very Dhammic teachers like Ajahn Punnadhammo (whom I very awkwardly met today).

Move over IMS! :yum:

P.S. “Mr. Suddhaso” had me cringing the whole time.

P.P.S If you’re in the area you should sign up for @Bhikkhu_Jayasara’s retreat on the weekend of November 10th!


Yes I like him very much too.
My favourite is his essay on letter from Mara.

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Just wanted to second the recommendation for this retreat center. I just recently spent the week there at an end-of-year retreat, and it was such a transformative experience I had to make another plug.

Bhante Suddhaso and Ayya Soma are humorous, down-to-earth, and real in a refreshing way, especially because of their sharp wisdom and insights. The fact that the center operates on generosity and kindness makes it an even better experience. It’s not just somewhere to take a class–it’s a place where you can really practice the entire path in the holistic way.


Thanks for your post @Sumano.
I will be there from 16-23rd January and looking forward to it. If you happen to be around, it would be lovely to meet you!

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Ayya @Vimala–yes I saw you’re facilitating a weekend retreat! I can’t make it to the retreat, but if you participate in any of the other programming while you’re there, I’ll try to stop by :smiley:

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