The search function has stopped working

I checked on Chrome both on a Windows 10 computer and a Chrome pixel 4 Android OS.

Search function just stopped working.

Zero results for any kind of search.


It’s working as usual for me. (Chrome browser on iOS.)

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Strange behaviour for me. No results for English, but I get results if I search in Pali, but just 1 result returned - a definition from the Pali dictionary. Chrome on Android 9

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Zero results for “root of suffering” with Google Chrome or Firefox on Ubuntu 18.0. For Pali words I can get dictionary entries.

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:slight_smile: @musiko something for your attention :slight_smile:


It’s rather the search function of SuttaCentral, not D&D. So perhaps @sujato, @HongDa, @blake.


I poked it and it has starting working again.


I’m obviously online, but the Suttacentral Search function doesn’t say anything but this. when I go to the Suttas themselves they work fine.

The takeaway here is that the app mostly works offline. Awesome, that’s some serious mojo right there.

Search, however, requires sending a message back to home base, so you’ll need a connection for that.

The reason for this is that searching and indexing text is expensive. It takes a lot of data and processing power to index everything. And the problem gets exponentially larger when you have a large text base in many languages. It is possible to use a lightweight search that works locally in your browser, but typically this would be for a blog or something that has a lot less content. Anyway, in the long term there may be a solution for this, but for now, you’ll need a connection to use search.

Having said which, we definitely could do a better job of informing the user of this, so I’ll add this as an issue.


I also receive the message “You’re offline” when I am actually very online, but try to search for a text that doesn’t exist. For example when I mistype something in the URL line.

As of today, Monday, 6th of July, 2020, I tried to use “Search” on Suttacentral, the results only come from the dictionary, despite that the filter setting is set as “all.” If I type an English word, zero result.
I found Anagarikā Aabbamitta’s post on March 25, and what happened to me seems to be similar.

May I call those people’s attention, please?


I submitted a bug report on Github.


Thank you very much. However, I must admit that I regretted that I sent an un-Buddhist post: i.e. I WANT the search function to be working! :sweat_smile:
I must emphasise now that I don’t mean to hassle any people, as I know developers are always busy. It’s a great opportunity to practice contentment.
But thank you again for your action. Much appreciated. Sadhu. :pray:


Thank you for fixing the search function. Now I can see more results. :smile:
Sadhu sadhu sadhu. :pray:


Namo Buddhaya :pray:
Just want to let you know that The Search Function is Not Working.
Appreciate this website very much and had been sharing it to everyone. Thanks

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Hi @nasirzhang ! Welcome to our community! So sorry that the search function is currently not working - the site admins have been notified and should fix the problem soon.

In the meantime you could try using Google to search SuttaCentral for your choice of topic.

When using Google search one can restrict the results to suttacentral only, by typing into the search bar, followed by the search terms. eg:



It’s back up, sorry about the breakdown. Not sure what the problem was, it seems an issue with the search server.

You made need a browser refresh.


Only the dictionary is working. Same thing as before, Windows 10 OS using Google Chrome and checked with Android OS on my Pixel 4 Phone and same issue.

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So sorry about this, will alert the devs right away.

No worries, Venerable Sir, I just wonder what makes the Dictionary hang on whenever there are updates and everything else seems to not be stored. Either way thank you for the quick response!