The search function has stopped working

I checked on Chrome both on a Windows 10 computer and a Chrome pixel 4 Android OS.

Search function just stopped working.

Zero results for any kind of search.


It’s working as usual for me. (Chrome browser on iOS.)

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Strange behaviour for me. No results for English, but I get results if I search in Pali, but just 1 result returned - a definition from the Pali dictionary. Chrome on Android 9

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Zero results for “root of suffering” with Google Chrome or Firefox on Ubuntu 18.0. For Pali words I can get dictionary entries.

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:slight_smile: @musiko something for your attention :slight_smile:


It’s rather the search function of SuttaCentral, not D&D. So perhaps @sujato, @HongDa, @blake.


I poked it and it has starting working again.


I’m obviously online, but the Suttacentral Search function doesn’t say anything but this. when I go to the Suttas themselves they work fine.

The takeaway here is that the app mostly works offline. Awesome, that’s some serious mojo right there.

Search, however, requires sending a message back to home base, so you’ll need a connection for that.

The reason for this is that searching and indexing text is expensive. It takes a lot of data and processing power to index everything. And the problem gets exponentially larger when you have a large text base in many languages. It is possible to use a lightweight search that works locally in your browser, but typically this would be for a blog or something that has a lot less content. Anyway, in the long term there may be a solution for this, but for now, you’ll need a connection to use search.

Having said which, we definitely could do a better job of informing the user of this, so I’ll add this as an issue.


I also receive the message “You’re offline” when I am actually very online, but try to search for a text that doesn’t exist. For example when I mistype something in the URL line.