The Superhumans

Amazing people with amazing abilities.


It’s interesting how complicated people are, and how wisdom might be developed over time [edit: from] any circumstances. I liked that the article made an effort to notice these complexities, while remaining positive and kind or gentle; well done, author!

How thrilling, how attractive, some of the described abilities sound; but it might be that particular natural abilities come with particular neuro-atypical or other circumstances which are part of the package. Autism, blind from birth, risks of being pain-free, some downsides of perfect recall were all mentioned in context. Also the just-my-weirdness attitude of these peopke, in eventually figuring out their atypical thing, and in the evolution of how they looked at themselves and others; this made it relate-able, I think.

Thank you for sharing, Bhante.


It makes me wonder about the neurochemistry of levitating monks. It would be hard to catch one to get a sample tho. :rofl:


Truly amazing! And the nice thing about all these “superhumans”: They are still so human! :blush:


Makes me wonder if Buddha also had some special genetic ‘disorder’/brain wiring which gave him the unique ability to recollect past lives;

  1. The stock sutta passage which talks about arising of a unique puggala/tathagata fits with this thought; Also, am not fully convinced by any other ‘evidence’/‘accounts’ I have read of past life recall; So maybe it was a unique gift for the Buddha and some such individuals;
  2. This would also tie in with a Sutta where recollecting past lives is not a necessity for enlightenment; Cant recollect the reference for that :sweat_smile: