The Tevigga Sutta & rebirth in Tuşita

Is the TEVIGGA SUTTA a jumping off point for the practice and hope to reborn in the presence of the Bodhisattva Maitreya… to take teachings enabling liberation FROM Tuşita into Nirvana or hang around to descend with Maitreya in the birth he becomes Buddha?

That Sutta talks about being United with Brahma as far as I can tell, the Medicine given by the Buddha to those seeking such an accomplishment. Even Brahma, however, even innumerable Brahmas come to the Buddha for instruction, so it is an example of Skillful Means.

I see. No, Brahma is the target in this sutta.

I was wondering if this was an early expression of a line of thought leading to the application of this pattern of practice and aspiration to a Mahayana context. Akshobia the first such. Then Maitraya. And subsequently Amitabha who became widely and famously popular.

Well, let your imagination run wild then, in a Buddhist Way.

Maitreya is in the Tusita Heaven waiting to descend and become the next Tathagata in line after Gautama Buddha.

What would you do in the Tusita Heaven?

Sit in a cubicle?

Or have thoughts like Maitreya?

And yes, different Heavens can have different purposes, but the Most Important one is the one you find Within You.

Is this sutta the same Tevijjasutta DN 13?