The unacceptable truth? That because rebirths there is Buddhas

How far do we go with shunning the dark side? Is there sutta that embrace the dark side of Life.

It’s because of seeing a death body Buddhas wish to attain the deathless

It’s because past rebirths we have Arahants also.

It’s like the world is not supposed to end with everyone Enlightened.

If it was not for the Buddhas and Arahants parents, we have none of them.

We are born in this world to have a chance out of rebirths. But it seems we need rebirths to have the worthy ones.


What or who is doing this “needing”, or “accepting”?

This life, each life, lives.
May things tend towards kusala, away from akusala.
The Four Noble Truths, the Noble EightFold Path, the Triple Gem, can be guides.

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I think we have to appreciate the dharma more like they understood it in time of Buddha.

There this interesting story by Buddha in suttanipata, and there is moment where the gods say

Then devas, antigods, demons, led
by Indra, even the ancestors,
cried out “Against the Dharma is all this!”
while fell the sword upon the cows.

My point is in the time of Buddha a sort of harmony was seen in all aspects of life.

You see in Vedas, where Death is called the Teacher. Because they or past Buddhas if we see it that way taught that a death corpse might lead to the Deathless. Example the monk that Buddhagosa said

He only apprehends what is really there. Like the Elder Mahá Tissa who dwelt at

  1. It seems that as the elder was on his way from Cetiyapabbata to Anurádhapura for alms, a certain daughterinlaw of a clan, who had quarrelled with her husband and had set out early from Anurádhapura all dressed up and tricked out like a celestial nymph to go to her relatives’ home, saw him on the road, and being low- minded, [21] she laughed a loud laugh. [Wondering] “What is that?” the elder looked up and finding in the bones of her teeth the perception of foulness (ugliness),
    he reached Arahantship.
    Hence it was said:
    “He saw the bones that were her teeth, And kept in mind his first perception; And standing on that very spot
    The elder became an Arahant.”
    But her husband, who was going after her, saw the elder and asked, “Venerable sir, did you by any chance see a woman?” The elder told him:
    “Whether it was a man or woman That went by I noticed not, But only that on this high road
    There goes a group of bones.”

So there the early practice of seeing a death :skull: body or bones probably brought the benefit in real life. So death was the teacher.