The word spiritual

Every time I here the translation SPIRITUAL as in
This sutta below I always think to myself that the word spirit seems so NONE Pali Buddhism. Am I looking at it wrong

I typically see it translated as ‘holy’ but ‘spiritual’ works, too.

“He is a courageous spirit, a noble man, bearing exuberant zeal and exhibiting great vitality.”

I suppose it’s an attempt to render ‘brahmacariya’ in a new way.

It’s a hard word to translate.

PED has:
“a term (not in the strictly Buddhist sense) for observance of vows of holiness, particularly of chastity: good & moral living ….; esp. in Buddh. sense the moral life, holy life, religious life, as way to end suffering”

Guess I was kind of over thinking it. I’m gunna go with holy from now on