The worst translation of anattá ever?

I just found out: occasionally, in Chinese translation, anattá is rendered as “not the mind”, “not the consciousness”, “mindless”, or “consciousnessless”.

Oh boy!

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I came across a worse one: ‘unbeneficial’ or anartha a straightforward translation assuming the word was a sinhala word.


I remember that episode of D&D. I think they actually presented it as “fruitless” or “futile” if I remember right.

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maybe I’m misunderstanding the posts, but anatta and anattha or two different words. Anattha is the one meaning ‘unbeneficial’

Well, only the sound is ‘translated’ into Sinhalese (or other language I presume), and this is directly from the pali, so the spelling doesn’t really matter, and the sound is ambiguous. Its far more reliable to get the meaning from the context rather than the English letters.

with metta