Theravada / NYC?

Hi gang,

I’m in NYC for a couple of months and was wondering if anyone has any recommendations for monasteries on the east coast that you could recommend so I can just drop in for retreat. Also any suggestions for centres in Manhattan or Brooklyn that have monastics would be great too. Haven’t been on retreat for a year and have been living somewhere fairly isolated for a most of this year so my practise has been solo far from a Sangha.




Don’t know if it’s of any use but, maybe (NYC centric) Buddhist Insights is something to check out.

Living on the other side of the Atlantic, I only know of it ‘second hand’ (a Theravadin nun I know gave a talk, and a friend went on a weekend retreat organised by them). I’m sure those that side of the pond will have more to offer.


Can confirm, they are awesome. :pray:


I go to New York Insight. They are primarily a lay center but do have visiting monastics from time to time. If you want to go a bit north of the city to Carmel, NY, Bhikkhu Bodhi teaches at Chuang Yen Monastery.


Hey @The_Passenger
I’ve been living in nyc for the last 3 months and can triple confirm that Buddhist Insights is the place you want to check out. Bhante Suddhaso has fast become one of my fave monks ever and they host free retreats almost every weekend with the occasional longer 10 dayer (there’s one coming up soon if you’re arriving in the next couple weeks. Also guided meditation in the Rockaways (mon) and east village (thurs) (I’ll be there tonight!)

Bhante Suddhaso can also probably recommend monasteries outside the city if there are any for more intense retreat.

There’s a bunch of other lay classes in NYC you can google to find them like ATS, Insight, etc but most require a ‘donation’ of $15 :open_mouth: although I recommend wake up mindfulness in flatiron if you want to connect with a varied group of practitioners.

I’ve also enjoyed checking out some of the zendos in NYC, I wasn’t exposed much to Zen before but to go and practice with them is cool, they’re pretty hardcore! :smiley:
Have fun practicising in NYC, it’s great!!!


Thank you all for the tips. I’m heading to a meditation/sutta class with them tonight.

With Metta.


What a wonderful teacher Bhante Suddhaso is. I’m so glad I went last night. As I’ve vaguely mentioned in my opening post, I’ve been living somewhere without access to a monk or a sangha and so having the opportunity to practise with such an awesome teacher while I’m temporarily living in NYC is a gift.


Hi Cara! I just got on here… saw this post. Great shout-out for Bhante S and Buddhist Insights. I think I’ve been to at least 2 retreats with you! :slight_smile:


Hey Bel! Yep I know you :wave: yay!
Im hoping to be back to visit Rockaway summer house soon!