There are two different styles. I want to choose one of two ways out for the consistent translation. What do I need to choose between two styles that?

Cakkhu -viññāṇa: consciousness by means of visual perception, visual cognition

Kāya -viññāṇa: consciousness by means of touch, sensory consciousness

Sota -viññāṇa: auditory cognition, perception through the ear

Ghāna -viññāṇa: perception of smell

Jivhā -viññāṇa: the cognition of taste

Mano & Mana -viññāṇa: representative cognition, rationality

Could you clarify the question? I at least didn’t get what you would like to translate and what the ‘styles’ are.

Using Google Translator translated from Korean to English. Of course, it seems not translated correctly.

why wouldn’t you refer to the official generally accepted English translations of Ven Thanissaro or Ven Bodhi the latter of which constitutes the main English translation on SC and so is readily available for collation with the Pali source?