Thig 16.1 Sumedhātherīgāthā—Saṁsara gets called out

This weekend will be the last one in the “month of Thera/Therigatha” selections from and I’ll be posting the longest set of verses found in the Therīgāthā, those of Arahant Sumedhā.

In the opening of the collection she is described this way:

Sīlavatī cittakathā,
She was virtuous, a brilliant speaker
Bahussutā buddhasāsane vinitā;
learned, and trained in the Buddha’s instructions.

And not surprisingly as she makes her case to be allowed to ordain, she lets forth a cascade of references to some of the most moving similes and passages in the Buddha’s teachings.

In anticipation of the email I have collected links to most of these references below. If you are new to the suttas, you may like to explore those before diving into her verses.

There are currently three modern translations of her verses on line:

And one older translation:


Note: some of the links below will take you to the Citation Helper app so you can choose among the different translations.


My favorite Therīgātha poem! :heart_eyes:



The care that goes into the emails is really what makes them! Sādhu! :pray:


Probably mine too! When I read it I almost feel like I have to hold on tight to my seat or risk getting blown away.

Well a lot of that is due to the coding you have helped me learn. If I didn’t have ways of automating the creation of the posts and links, I would surely have less energy to put into them. So I rejoice in the merit you have collected!

And I was also remiss in not rejoicing in the merit of the translators, especially Bhante @sujato and @ayyasoma who have made the emails this month possible. Sadhu sadhu anumodama!


Sadhu sadhu sadhu. A very poignant sharing . Anumodana