Thiteria: Ajahn Thitadhammo's Drawings, Chapter 2

Thitheria: Drawings from Ajahn Thitadhammo, Chapter 2

Dear Friends,
Here’s another installment of Ajahn Thitadhammo’s amazing and previously unknown art, saved by those who lived with him over twenty-five years. Enjoy!

In the Dhamma,
Nisabho Bhikkhu


Hah! There is a nun here who’s drawings always get saved. Now I don’t feel so bad for storing them up. I know the others in our community do the same.
(I don’t think she would let us put them on 4m, sadly)


Very interesting style!
Is Ajahn Thitadhammo still alive? :anjal:

His art is incredible.

He is, and still drawing as well. There’s much more to the drawings then meets the eye. For example, there’s a series (I think there were a few in chapter one and one in chapter two) of a dark and light forest separated by a bridge. He titled these “the three worlds” and I think they refer to the hell, human, and heaven realms, but I would have dismissed them as just fantastical if I hadn’t known. Also, @Pasanna , if this nun would be willing, we really would love to take a look at those drawings. She could even be anonymous. Sounds like it might not be a possibility though : )


Really good stuff, would be cool to vectorize and colour this one

From 4M:

Ajahn Thitadhammo received ordination under Ajahn Sumedho in the Ajahn Chah Thai Forest Tradition in 1996. He has spent most of his monastic life at Cittaviveka Monastery in England, and, in addition to drawing, also sculpts and practices calligraphy.


There’s also a great interview with him here: Meeting with Ajahn Thitadhammo - YouTube


That is great film making too.