Thrill of 1st Translation of a Sentence from Pali Canon (AN 1.306)

I’ve been taking @stephen’s great Pali Intensive Course this July. End of week 3 and we’re moving from Pali Primer to actual readings from the Canon. Today for homework, with nothing but dictionary and class notes, I tackled

Micchādiṭṭhikassa, bhikkhave, anuppannā ceva akusalā dhammā uppajjanti uppannā ca akusalā dhammā bhiyyobhāvāya vepullāya saṃvattantī”ti.

It was so much fun, and truly exciting when I worked out what it meant! :smiley:


I felt the same! Yes, it is such a rewarding exercise! All those accidents in pits, dog hitting and washing garments are now bearing fruit! :joy: But the drills did help immensely :+1:t3:

So much more motivated now :muscle:t3:

Thank you @stephen!


I’m so glad you are both finding this course fun and effective.
Pali can be wonderfully rewarding to study.
See you soon,


That’s so good! Very exciting, please let us know any more insights you have from the course.


The course really is fun, and is indeed effective. Even watching later on YouTube, the real students in the Zoom room and your interactions with them make a much better class than a lecture straight to camera does. You have a huge class to control too! De Silva and yourself have really worked to funnel students easily into the first Gair & Karunatillake chapter. Bhikkhu Bodhi’s lectures will be a lot easier going after these five weeks. :slight_smile:

This looks like a useful resource; is it one of the best?


It was for me too!! :smiley: I’m worried that I’ve overstepped my status as a beginning student tho: Please keep reporting errors and typos!