Through the Yellow Gate: Ordination of Gender-Nonconforming People in the Buddhist Vinaya

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Manuscripts should be submitted for consideration as Microsoft Word files …

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I have uploaded a new version and maybe Ven. @Akaliko can also change the version on Rainbodhi.

YellowGate.pdf (1.7 MB)

I have also uploaded it to Academia:

Thank you for this question. I am not quite certain how the PTS dictionary was formed and maybe Ajahn @Brahmali or Bhante @Sujato can say a bit more about this. It is quite possible that the translation of the paṇḍaka comes from the Chinese. But as I pointed out, the terms paṇḍaka, 黃門 (‘yellow gate’) and eunuch denote something quite different. The only similarity between these terms is that all these three classes of men were emasculated (although in the case of the paṇḍaka this is only the case for one of the types). Both the paṇḍaka and the 黃門 only have meaning in the unique context in which these terms existed. They do not exist in our western society today and cannot be reduced to their emasculated body.