Tibetan language learning resources?

Dear friends -

Are there some good resources on the internet for learning the Tibetan language from scratch, i.e. as an absolute beginner? Or books?

I do not want pointers to youtube videos yet but if there are some that are compelling and effective, sure please point to them.

Websites and easily available books will be preferable. Free is always appreciated but if there is some cost involved that is ok too.

Someone had shown me a Basic Tibetan book he had procured while in Dharamsala but I forgot to note down its name.

Any pointers to tutorials, lessons etc will be appreciated.

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This is what I have been recommended by friends in Australia- note details for upcoming online course starting Dec 30. Modern spoken Tibetan has various dialects; I was pointed out resources for literary/dharma Tibetan. See the pdf by McComas Taylor and Lama Choedak.

precious_key.pdf (1.4 MB)

The following is link to the events at the Canberra Tibetan Buddhist Centre (Lama Choedak):

The course is listed under Upcoming Events. It starts on 30 December this year and can be done in person or online.

Both the Canberra Centre and the Drogmi Centre at Tilba are Sakya lineage.

My acquaintance took Tibetan at ANU, which does colloquial in one semester, then moves on to classical in another semester. But she ultimately preferred to work with Lama Choedak.

Tibetan at ANU:

I was also pointed to Maitripa College in Portland in the USA by another acquaintance. https://maitripa.org/

I haven’t checked out any of the myself yet but I am (vaguely) planning a Canberra trip at the end of next year, so let’s see.


Once you get the script under your belt, there’s this pair of old courses from the University of Toronto which you can take for free at your own pace:


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Thanks SO much for the Aus/Portland/Toronto resources. Absolutely correct - I have to start from the script; so, that I will practice on my own. And yes, I am looking to learning to read texts - colloquial Tibetan only later, I guess.

The Dharmasala book I referred to - I found its reference online -
“The Heart of Tibetan Language - Text Book and Exercise Book”
Franziska Oertle

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From scratch?
The first thing I learned (and now forget) is how to read and write the letters.

There is free android app for practice

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