Tilorien Monastery: We are open! 🎈


I feel it’s about time to start a new topic now:

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Ooh, I’m the first to say sadhu! Amazing! Miraculous! Incredible! :fire: :cake:

You have all worked so hard and overcome so very much. I am thrilled and humbled to see what you have done. :pray:


Sadhu. :pray: May the monastery prosper. :slightly_smiling_face:



I’d love to hear a little bit more about the opening… Any chance you could share how it all went? Any photos? Or is this stuff on the monastery web site?

So happy for you all :heart_eyes::rofl::smiley::blush:


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Yes, there is something coming… it’s not on our website yet, but still in the pipeline. So please give us a bit more time; we’ll share it here too! :heart:


I’d like to post a few pictures here to start with, the actual article will follow in a couple of days. Sorry for making you wait so long, but I wanted to first get some updates on the website ready that are necessary after the opening of the monastery.

Here you go:

Visitors arriving

Ven. Dhammadipa giving robes to Ven. Kathrin

Enlarging dana table


In the Dhamma hall

Ayya Kathrin, Ayya Dhammadipa (visiting nun), Anagarika Sabbamitta (from left to right)

Group picture

And here is the video message and chanting we were sent from our Spiritual Advisor Bhante Sujato and other monastics at Bodhinyana Monastery in Western Australia:


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This is so beautiful, a big Sadhu from Barcelona and I hope I can visit the community soon! :pray::clap::blush:


It is wonderful to see Ven Canda can train for an extended period at Bodhinyana. It would be even more wonderful if other nuns could have occasional sabbatical there too given the tough conditions for women currently.