Tilorien Monastery will become a reality!

After a long period of waiting and practising patience—the plans for the monastery being refused by the council a few times for not fitting the regulations—finally the building permit has now been granted! Tilorien Monastery will indeed become a reality!

We would like to thank all those who were with us during this time of waiting and insecurity, keeping us encouraged by their mental and practical support! And especially a big thank you to our sponsors who by their donations and loans actually make this whole venture possible!

May this project be beneficial for many people for a long time!


Find here all the details of the building project.


Félicitations pour ce grand succés. Avec Metta.

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A beautiful building, and what a great feeling it will be to break ground, and watch the construction of this monastery develop.

And we would equally welcome more people to volunteer with “gifts of work” in order to finish the interior.

How great would it be for some of us to meet up in Engreux with paintbrush in hand one day? Road trip!

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Is this an offer? We have already a list for volunteers… :smiley:

Yes, it’s an offer. I have no skills with carpentry, electrical, plumbing or any of the trades, but you can put me in a corner with a paintbrush and I can try not to do too much damage. To be serious, how great would it be to be in Engreux and help with this project?


Wow! Thank you very much! I’ll put your name on the list. :smile:

Sadhu! Sadhu! Sadhu! :anjal:

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