Time-lapse of the future


Cool video :wink:

However, I think it is important to recognize the profound uncertainty involved in forecasting the future of the universe. I wouldn’t be surprised if the video contained more than one million assumptions (all of them potentially wrong) about space, time, astronomy, physics, etc. And trillion+ year time scales heavily overfit our current models.

Slightly modifying a passage from the Brahmajāla-sutta. . . :grin:

When those scientists and philosophers theorize about the past and the future [ . . . ], that too is conditioned by contact.


Anicca, Dukkha and Anatta

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The timescale and distances involved are literally unimaginable, though also awe-inspiring. I remember the first time I saw Andromeda through a telescope, it was just a small smudge but I knew it was a vast galaxy like our own.


I like the way this EBT describes the phases of an “eon”, with timescales of up to hundreds of thousands of years.

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