To those owning Bhikkhu Bodhi Anguttara Nikaya translation - can you please find me page of this quote

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I would like to ask a favor someone who owns Bhikkhu Bodhi’s Anguttara Nikaya translation. I need a reference page for this quote, regarding AN4.169:

According to this sutta, the distincion between the use of repugnant objects and the jhanas determines whether one attains nibbana through exertion or without exertion. (…) Mp says that the first and second persons [using repugnant objects] are dry-insight meditators (sukhavipassaka) who attend to conditioned phenomena as their meditation object. (…) The third and fourth persons [using jhanas] are those who take serenity as their vehicle (samthayanika).

Can someone help please? :slight_smile: :pray: All I need is page number in the actual book. :slight_smile: Sadly I don’t own this book yet, otherwise I would of course check it myself. I’ve found this quote in a library, but sadly didn’t write the page, or lost the notes.

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This is from footnote #856 on p. 1706 of the printed book.


So this is in the notes, not in the actual Sutta.

In my edition it’s note 856 in “Notes to the Fours”, page 1706. My edition is from 2012; there may be newer ones.


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I wish I could give solution to both of you! :star2: :star2: But let’s give it to Venerable Sabbamitta for providing also date of publication, so I’m sure this is the right one. :smiley:



You could give it to @stephen just as well because he was a second faster … :laughing:


I hope you can have your own copy soon!

One of the great Buddhist publications of our time.