Tools for Sutta Study, Annotation, and Analysis

Hi friends. Does anyone have any suggestions about what tools might be best to use for studying, annotating, and analyzing about 2000 pages worth of suttas? Currently, I’m focused on the EBTs to, about, and for lay people, and I’m approaching them similarly to how I might approach a complex legal issue.

Currently I study them on a chromebook or kindle. I prefer the kindle oasis because it’s easy on the eyes and reduces my temptation to surf the web, check emails, etc. However, it’s difficult to take notes on.

Does anyone know of other options that has better note taking and annotation features than a kindle reader but doesn’t have all the potential distractions of a laptop?

I’m thinking about just using a chromebook to take notes while studying with the kindle oasis, but I’m wondering if there may be tools out there I’m unaware of, perhaps used in academia.

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You can use SuttaCentral offline. So you can switch off the internet and still use SuttaCentral on your laptop.

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Thanks, Danny. I’ll consider that. Ideally, I’m looking for something like the kindle, which allows for annotation, but has a much easier to use keyboard. I love reading on the kindle oasis and highlighting is awesome and easy to use. However, the keyboard and typing on kindle readers is terrible, especially for lengthier analysis.

That said, you sparked another idea, which is to use the kindle app on my chromebook and turn off wifi. That app allows for easy note taking, highlighting, etc. I’ll probably explore this option. Thanks!