Top Ten Suttas (and ten more to read as well)


If one were to apply the Gotami Sutta to the Mahayana scriptures as one’s standard, are they conducive or nonconducive to the holy life? What if one were to look at the holy people throughout the history of Mahayana Buddhism with the Gotami Sutta in mind?


It depends on the individual and the scripture, there are thousands of Mahayana works.


Any Buddhist scripture, regardless of what it is, can be judged by whether or not it leads to the following qualities:

“As for the qualities of which you may know, ‘These qualities lead to dispassion, not to passion; to being unfettered, not to being fettered; to shedding, not to accumulating; to modesty, not to self-aggrandizement; to contentment, not to discontent; to seclusion, not to entanglement; to aroused persistence, not to laziness; to being unburdensome, not to being burdensome’: You may categorically hold, ‘This is the Dhamma, this is the Vinaya, this is the Teacher’s instruction.’”
Gotami Sutta: To Gotami


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