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I know all of you are working very hard on developing SC and probably have little time available but one of the features I found most helpful on accesstoinsight was the Index. It is user friendly (more than its search function), brings the suttas to one place for easy access, and is what most non-expert users will go to in the first instance. One drawback of the accesstoinsight index was their dependence on pali terms for indexing, making it difficult for someone not knowing pali to find material. Furthermore it is not particularly complete -lost of missing suttas. Their indexing by proper name etc is really useful. I think it sort of forms the front end of the site, making it more accessible.

Hmm… you probably already have this in your future plans! :slight_smile:


Hi Mat,

Do you mean the indices found here?

Then the answer is no, we don’t have any plans to introduce anything like that on SC. But you are quite right, it is a good idea: little work, much benefit!

It would not be too difficult to adapt the AtI indices, as they rely on a semantic numbering system similar to ours. And the licencing permits modified versions.

In the first instance, we would want to:

  • Ensure the numbering is the same as ours in all cases.
  • Edit out non-EBT references, i.e. links to essays, books, etc.

This would create a usable index.

Next we could:

  • Reduce the reliance on Pali
  • Review and polish for language and content.
  • Expand to include texts not on AtI, including non-Pali texts.

A static file with these could easily be hosted either here or at SC. It could perhaps be featured on the Home page.

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Dear Ven Sujato,

Sounds brilliant to me!

Yes, those are the indices I meant.


With metta

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polish for language

good slogan
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