Tracking topics

Is there a reason why having all topics tracked is not the default?

It’s useful being able to see if a thread has unread posts, but it seems that the only way to turn on that tracking is to enter all categories into the Tracked dialogue box. Unless there is an “All” option that I’ve missed.

We use the defaults that come with Discourse, and generally they work fine, but we have quite a lot of power in tweaking them.

I’m thinking that the utility of this one probably depends on how active the forum is. We’re still small enough that you may want to follow every post, but on a large forum that would get old fast.

But maybe I’m missing something here. I always get informed on Discourse about unread posts: they show up in the header, and also in the list of Topics. Are you not getting these?

Perhaps I can clarify. Now that I’ve turned on tracking for all sections I can list the recent topics and can tell if there are new posts by the little circles with the number of unread posts. Of course, if the forum were large I would not necessarily read all of them, but to me it’s much better to know how many unread posts there are in a thread rather than to try to remember if I read them.

Okay, but that’s exactly what I see anyway, without changing anything. I wonder why you didn’t see this before?

Hmm, maybe as an admin you get different defaults…

Maybe. Thanks for bringing this to my attention, I’ll keep my eye on it and we’ll see if the defaults need tweaking.