Trancending Heaven? Who started it all?

Who started this taught of trancending heaven? Was it Egypt or India first?

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In the Vedas ancient teachings come to show that what are called the heavenly planets, the higher planetary systems such as Indraloka, Chandraloka (the Moon), or the Sun Planet, can be transcended back to the fall from Krishna-Loka, a planet where everything is Spiritual, and in that Eminence, planets are many, many, times bigger than this Universe. The Saha world is inside of a small coconut shell compared to the rest of it. Located in the Spiritual Sky. These are the most ancient Vedic Teachings and they go back beginninglessly, just as there were beginning amounts of Buddhas even before the Saha World. Both Sanatana-Dharma (The Eternal Religion) and Buddha Dharma (The Dharma of the Law of Supreme Perfect Enlightenment) have always depended on each other to save sentient beings. I Vow to help the Buddhas do this. Namaste. Nam Myoho Renge Kyo.

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Please qualify with quotes your statements like “ancient teachings” - where exactly? “Krishna-loka” - where exactly?

Is that what you heard from Hindu teachers and take for granted, or can you refer to source material?

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Most of you have read the Bhagavad Gita in some form. This one helped me see the purpose of quite a many things:

The thought is that Hinduism may be like a sectarian religion, split off into branches, but Sanatana Dharma is an Eternal Spiritual Path present within all Spiritual Traditions.

Well anyway, there’s that. I hope not to be arguing about some prejudice against other Spiritual Traditions, because that’s when communication breaks down and people start finding their own Traditions faulty when they shouldn’t. Let’s just Love what Spinning the Wheel of the Law by the Buddha Kings has produced for us.

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It’s about intellectual honesty. If your source is ISKCON, then it’s important to say so, i.e. from the 1960s, and not an ancient teaching. If I understand correctly you don’t refer to the Gita directly, but to a commentary. Even if you referred to the Gita then it’s a text from around the end of the BC era - a few centuries after the Buddha, and about 1500 years after the Rgveda which doesn’t mention all these things you refer to.

The important thing is: make a claim, but inform the reader where you have the information from.

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I was just looking into this. And I’m understanding now why Buddha is showed in all transformations.

I found this

The rishi said: 'Oh great King, there are endless transformations of the material qualities [the gunas] of the Supreme Lord. Even though not even a person living as long as Brahma is capable of putting it into words or fully understand this,

I nevertheless shall try to explain in terms of names, forms and proportions that what from the unmanifest has manifested [as Bhoogolakam, our terrestrial world]

Sreemad Bhagavatham Canto 5, Chapter 16, Verse 4

Same thing as Buddha being the Supreme. And EBT and jatakas showing his transformations

And look the attitude towards Brahma

There is big chance also that EBT is truly not understood because it has profound early Vedic teachings. The words are what gives the hints to it being much profound that we think