Translating Parts of Idiomatic Sentences to Pali

I have been studying Sanskrit for 4 years, and recently became interested in Pali. I have been trying to translate some text, but have difficulty in the following. I would greatly appreciate all your help:

  1. Then leaf subsides to leaf.
  2. With the lapse of time, it began to vain.
  3. When it seemed as if it could bear no more.
  4. There must be something wrong, in wanting to silence any song.

Thank you

Hi @namyoho

The numbered items aren’t even English (Item 4 is almost English), so it’s not really looking promising sorry.

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@Suvira They are parts of a poem, so they may not look correct as they are right now, but they are correct English.

Just to second Suvira’s comment here, you can’t start with fragments of a poem and expect to generate meaningful translations. Even standard poetry is the hardest thing to translate, all the more so if it is surreal or weird.

Can I ask what it is that you’re trying to achieve here? Is this a personal project, or research?