Translation app design testing—any volunteers?


Yes, just play around for a while. You can’t break anything yet—I haven’t given you writing permission!


That’s probably a wise decision!


I’ve managed to get it. I’ll try the modifications and I’ll give feedback.

Thank you!


Bhante @sujato,

I like the new colour scheme and overall it’s cleaner.
For now, the only thing I’m missing is the navigation arrows that link to the following or previous segment.

Thank you! :anjal:


You see, this is exactly the feedback I need! I have never used those arrows: I always just either enter the segment, or click on the segment that I want to go to. Is there any particular reason to prefer using the arrows?


If I want to go to a following segment I don’t need the arrows, but I find them useful if I want to go to a previous segment, as the page only shows the immediately previous one. If I need to go, let’s say, six segments behind to review something the arrows are useful. Maybe there is another way to do this (besides putting the number of the segment) that I’m not aware of.


No, you’re right, the only way to do this on the “slim” version is to enter the number, which you can do in the top left of the toolbar. Personally I find this to be fine, but YMMMV.

However, this won’t be an issue on Bilara. So far our plan is that Bilara should be per-text, which means it will load up the whole of one text and one text only, there’s no infinite scrolling. But this means you can just go anywhere on the page with the normal browser scrollbar.


I’m in. I’ve installed Stylus and am looking forward to have my registration on approved.


Okay, I will get to this very soon!


Hi all!

I have new translations into Catalan and Spanish, and upon seeing this thread I thought I could maybe upload them myself on pootle and match them segment by segment? And perhaps also try this user interface in-progress, this is if I manage to see through all the IT intricacies…! My old pootle account had disappeared and I had to create it anew but in any case I don’t think I have writing permissions.


Hi Bernat,

This would be great, but the only problem is on our end: Pootle is buggy, and the new editor Bilara will be great, but right now it isn’t. So, I am reluctant to start adding new translations and projects to Pootle.

We already have a few projects ongoing there—including my own work on revising the Theragatha, Brahmali’s Vinaya translation, as well as translators in Indonesian, Portuguese, and Chinese—and I am reluctant to add more at this point. Each new project brings with it its own complexities and demands, and I really want to focus on our new translation editor. For example, for the last week or two, most of my time and Blake’s has been spent preparing Ven Brahmali’s new translations for Pootle and dealing with the various issues that came up. And this is just getting them ready for the volunteers who will do the main work.

So I would very much like to support you right now, but it’s just not the right time. Maybe would it be okay for you to check back in over the next couple of months and see how Bilara is coming along?


Absolutely! No hurries here. I’ll be seeing how Bilara progresses :wink:


Is the app being named after the homonymous city found in Rajasthan?


No it is not.


Is there a background to it then? Is it a Pali term?




And in modern hindi cat is billee बिल्ली! :cat::cat::cat:


Now I’ve been working with Pootle for a while, and after getting used to the “simple” version of the website I now tried out using the Bilara style version.

I like the neatness and cleanness. I am missing a bit the up and down arrows, as already noted further up in this thread, but that’s probably a matter of getting used to. Probably I’d still appreciate to be able to see more than just one previous segment. And another thing that is a bit cumbersome is the fact that for navigating it is not possible to go just one level back; at least I didn’t see another option but to go all the way back to the home page, and then I have to go through the whole hierarchy again in order to arrive at just the next rule from where I started.

Overall I’d like to express my huuuge respect and gratitude to all those who are involved in developing such a fantastic tool as this!! :clap: :clap: :clap:


That’s right, it really only works for a continual translation. The way navigation will work on Bilara is still undecided, by the way.

Right!? Me too! I’ve been using pootle pretty much every day for years; it’s easy to forget the work that’s gone into creating such a useful, free, and open-source tool.


This would be particularly relevant when doing translation work. For just adding text seeing one segment back is OK. But when I’m translating I like to have the bigger context in mind.