Translation app design testing—any volunteers?


Yes, this is a bad design on the part of Pootle. Actually older versions were much better, this just happened with a recent update. Anyway, Bilara will have a different kind of navigation: texts will be loaded per-sutta so you can scroll up and down the page as you like.


I have just counted: The way it is now it takes 6 mouse clicks to go from Sk 2 to Sk 3… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Yes, but Pootle is very flexible in navigation. You can load up the texts at any point in the hierarchy by clicking the green “View All” button. You can, for example, go here:

And click “View All” and go to the whole list of sekhiyas. Normally what I do is go to a collection, currently the Therigatha, and then go to the exact spot in the translation by entering the string number, which is at the top left under the main title in the Bilara skin, or the top right under your user name on the default skin. Typically I just remember the rough place I am in the translation and go there. Or else just keep the window open.

Anyway, this will all be different in the proper Bilara.