Translation chooser

We’ve just improved our language interface on SC. Now you can select a language to read a sutta, and the site will remember your choice. It will even emphasize in the global menu the language that you’ve chosen, and let you know when there are translations available in your language.

This is a big usability improvement. We hope you enjoy!


I noticed that had been down for a while. Saw that it’s up today, and noticed there are “Zh” translations as one of the languages. Is “Zh” a modern chinese translation from pali? Where are those translations from? I’m very excited about that if it is.

It’s amazing how languages are being added to suttacentral! Much joy and appreciation for all the contributors!

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Hopefully it was just an intermittent outage, we have a very high uptime normally. Please let us know if you experience this again.

Yes, these are modern Chinese translations from the Pali. We have started using the language code zh for modern Chinese and lzh for “literary” or Classical Chinese, i.e. the old Agama translations and such. All our texts have the metadata and sources in the sidebar. In this case the texts are from

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