Translation of Vinaya into French language

Hello all of you,
Hello all
In order to preserve the foundations of the Buddha’s teachings, VINAYA, 2 questions:

  1. Could someone tell me about VINAYA texts already translated from Tibetan into French?
  2. Can you direct me to Tibetan-French translators who have been educated at VINAYA?
    Thank you for your cooperation,
    All goodwill and ideas in this project is welcome

I found this:

It has a reference to a German paper called Nachtrag zur Edition des Bhikṣunī-Vinaya der Ārya-Mahāsāṃghika-Lokottaravadin which in turn is “a new edition of the fragment of the Bhikṣunī-Karmavācanā first published by C. M. Ridding and L. de La Vallée Poussin (BSOS I, 3, 1920, pp. 123-143)”, but I don’t know how to follow that citation.

de La Vallée Poussin is a French Buddhologist of some note, specializing in Tibetan & Sanskrit texts AFAIK. He generally published in French.


Thanks so much for your fast reply.
L. de La Vallée Poussin has let many published books.