Turtle and Dhamma

Last month I managed to save a turtle
on the highway from running over by
a large trailer . Of course , I put myself
in dangers that day due to heavy traffic flows . However I don’t regret in doing so .

I supposed everyday the turtle trying
to Escape from the fence I built on my garden . Since there is no forests
nearby , i have to take care of this
little unexpected friend !

I gave him(her?) A name called
"Little Dhamma" and chanted Vandana and Tisarana so that affirnity is establish .
In the beginning fears could be seen as this is new environment and new “Aliens” for him/(her?) , but after building a bond by feeding for one month or so , this little fellow starting to show friendlier attitudes towards us . I could sense somehow the animals could understand our rays of friendliness and kindness .