Two Aspects to our Lifes or Life?

There seem to be those who believe that the only dimension, element or aspect to our lifes or Life is formations. Formations that can bee seen arising, ceasing and changing. And there is nothing more to our lifes or Life. Some seem to believe that this is also what EBT reveals. Some seem to believe Buddha taught this.

I do not believe that. I think you know :slight_smile:

Not only EBT, Buddha teachings, but also our own experience, our lifes, give reason to believe that there is an element, dimension, or aspect to life, or our lifes, that is not seen arising, ceasing and changing. A stable element in our lifes which is itself no formation. It is not an emotion, not a tendency, it is not an inclination, not a thought, not a defilement, not a feeling, etc.

It can be refered to as emptiness, a stillness, a space-like aspect of our minds, an element of non-movement, or, as an aspect of absence of desire and inclinations. Desire always arises. Inclinations also, meaning that they are not the nature of the mind.

There seems to be that dimension, element or aspect in our lifes or life that is not seen arising, ceasing and changing. I feel this is also taught in EBT. It is called the unconditioned element.

I think: this element, dimension or aspect in/to our lifes or Life is much more close and familiar to us then any formation! Formations are much more external-like or rather adventitious to us. And it is exactly because of this, because this aspect of non-desire, non-movement is so familiar, that it is ignored, not seen, just like neutral feelings. It gets no attention at all. Only what moves, arising formations get attention.

So Buddha does all he can to change this. I think a lot of teachings have only one goal: to end our usual obsession with formations and direct our minds towards the stillness, the emptiness, the desireless, which is already present here and now.

Anyway, our differences in opinion seems to come down to the believe that there is , or is not that dimension or aspect or element of non-arsing, non-changing and non-ceasing in our lifes or Life.

I feel, the Buddha is awakend to this aspect and tries to awaken others too. This is the effort of the Buddha by teaching Dhamma and not guiding beings to a mere cessation. The Buddha taught according EBT the Path to the Uncondioned and not to a mere cessation.

Wish you all well.

A careful examination of ṭhita from the well-known “uppādo paññāyati, vayo paññāyati, ṭhitassa aññathattaṁ paññāyati an arising is manifest, a ceasing is manifest, a persisting while changing is manifest” (SN 22.37/38, AN 3.47), gives a clear connotation of the element of persistence (while changing), which is to say that a duration of consistency is found in the suttas.

From the arahant Kimbila:

Old age falls like a curse;
it’s the same body, but it seems like someone else’s.
I remember myself as if I were someone else,
but I’m still the same, I haven’t been away.
Thag 1.118