Typo in AN 7.67 English translation

There is a typo in AN 7.67, English translation:

It should be "disciple of the noble ones… " instead.

I know it won’t be corrected before SC Next is coming…

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I had a look but it is not a typo. It looks like an error by the translator, Ajahn Thanissaro:

Would you be able to write to Ajahn Thanissaro at Wat Metta to make him aware of this? When he wants to change it on AccessToInsight, I can change it on SuttaCentral.

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I sent an email to the feedback contact address of Ven. Thanissaro’s website dhammatalks.org, as the site Access to Insight is now owned by the Barre centre for Buddhist Studies. See what happens! :relaxed:

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https://www.dhammatalks.org/ – under “Contact”

“The site admins welcome your feedback at dhammatalks.feedback@gmail.com.
Please contact us at this email to:
alert us to broken links, corrupted files, other trouble with the site; (When reporting trouble please indicate the hardware and software you are using, e.g. Windows Vista and Internet Explorer 7, or iPad with iOS5, to the extent you are able.) give general feedback and suggestions regarding usability; request additional content be made available; or anything else reasonably related to site administration.
Please DO NOT contact us at this email to:
reach Thanissaro Bhikkhu. All inquiries about the Dhamma should be directed to Thanissaro Bhikkhu at Metta Forest Monastery by regular mail or by telephone;…”

At https://www.watmetta.org/contact.html

“To contact: the Monastery or Thanissaro Bhikkhu
Mailing address for letters and packages sent by the US Post Office
Metta Forest Monastery
P.O. Box 1409
Valley Center, CA 92082-1409

P: (619) 813-8461
H: Every day: 5:00 PM to 6:00 PM”

As I’ve heard it, Than-Geoff answers the phone directly when he’s in town.


They confirmed to me that my email reached the right address for this kind of issue, but so far the passage in question has not been changed on the website.

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I guess then it might be a straightforward typo situation. My impression is that Than-Geoff himself doesn’t work that much by email, in case you wanted discussion.

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We can just fix it on our site, the license allows for such corrections:



Thank you for this hint, Bhante.

Maybe Ayya @Vimala, you can fix it (for SC Next)? Thanks!