Typo in the "Vitakka" blog essay?

Bhante Sujato:

In this paragraph –

"Then there is the word akusala. Normally this means ‘unskilful’, as, for example, someone who is no good at a certain craft. One who is kusala, on the other hand, is clever and adroit. In the jhana formula, however, kusala includes any tendency of the mind that creates suffering.

– That “kusala” in the last sentence should read “akusala” (i.e. the word
in the jhana formula)?

I’ve been going over this essay and the discussion again (3rd time), this time with a find-tooth comb, as prep for responding to a recently published critique.

Yes, you’re quite right, thanks for pointing that out.

Oops … in re-reading the discussion posts (in the vitakka blog), it turns out that one “GNL” had pointed-out that typo, in post #10.

The bad is all mine for not fixing it!