Typos in SN 12.61 (Spanish)

The word conciencia should be replaced for consciencia. This one has an ‘s’ before the second ‘c’.

This is a common mistake, the first form is the capacity to tell wright from wrong, the second one is consciousness.

This word is used several times in this sutta.

Thank you.


Thank you felipe and apologies for the late reply.
I have now changed it 8 times in the text. Can you check if it is correct?

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Thank you.

They are all changed now.

This is a funny word because some people prefer the way it was before, but I checked with other suttas and the one I indicated is been used more often, I will keep on checking it and let you know if I find any more occurrences so there is consistency.

I have actually been talking with the person in charge of the translation group at Amaravati (Ricardo) and he uses the first version (conciencia).

The reason for this is because ‘consciencia’ is specific for consciousness, but ‘conciencia’ has other meanings too which is confusing in some cases.

I mention this in case you get someone asking you to change everything back :slight_smile:

No worries about the late reply, you take as much time as you need. I appreciate all the work that you do.

Best regards,

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