Understanding the Similes in the EBTs

The EBTs have a number of similes which the Buddha used to explain various doctrinal points. Unfortunately they are alien to us, as we lack sufficient exposure to such events/ situations in our modern day lifestyle.
One oft repeated simile is that of the “flame burning/ going out” which is used to illustrate clinging as well as what happens once the Tathagatha passes away.

Eg Snp5.7

As flame blown out by force of wind
has gone to its “goal”, cannot be described,
likewise the Sage “in mind and body” freed:
gone to the Goal and cannot be described.

Having little experience of candles and oil lamps, I searched online and found this great video which really made it clear for me. So I thought of sharing it with my Dhamma friends! :smile:

What do you think of this approach? Is this a valid way of understanding the texts? Which other similes in the EBTs could be approached in this way?