Universal basic income


Hi @Maiev,

Well there is a difference between being able and willing to work, and being able to find a job. And unemployment does run out here in the US. But I think the idea is to give people a very basic amount that would not be so much that they wouldn’t be motivated to work for more.


Hello. Well such a thing already exists and can pay up to 1800$ a month in USA. It exists in all countries around the world cause everybody agrees that such situations require support otherwise the person might not be able to find another job and produce negative results both for himself and for society too. But this support is only for a limited amount of time, generally a year. This is why my relative from the countryside had to work a year, then take a year break, then work another, then another break in order to be eligible.


Universal basic income idea is not going to work because the whole society is corrupted.
What we need is the universal basic education.
Preferably education of Buddha’s teaching and the knowledge of some useful craft based on the individual.


Possibly the effects of craving are not being considered. In a time when media is saturated with advertising, product placement, sophisticated surveillance and algorithms for inducing craving, how would the removal of survival fears mean universal lethargy?
Working feels good. Goals inevitably develop. People are social, and inevitably invite group participation. Why would removing survival fears negate these?
Fear distracts, contributes to poor impulse control and reasoning, contributes to susicion and ill will, and conditions for craving. Fear often seems to justify crime and inhibits generosity. Fear itself seems to dehumanize, no matter the socioeconomic status.
Right now, everyone who pays taxes supports nationalism and war. This taxation is universal (and, if I recall justifiable in the EBTs), but its utilization can be for good, bad or neutral, depending on the rulers. Some people object but I am unaware of any society in which such objection is accepted as solely justified by ethics.
Might not the dissatisfactions of craving, ill will and ignorance become more evident without the fog of fear?
Complicated issue maybe. What are our values, our views?


If AI’s take over the work, wouldn’t that need be looked after? People could do what they really want to do!