Updating SuttaCentral content


There has recently been an update of the content of the SC main site. These updates have implications for the maintenance of SC-Voice as well. Firstly, if content supported by Voice (i.e. all segmented texts in all available languages) has been changed this means that this has to be updated in Voice too. Right now we are still doing this by hand but think to automate it in the future.

But secondly, since we are moving towards pre-storing all content in VSMs, these too have to be updated. Therefore it would be good to have a way to know in which Nikaya and which languages there have been changes.

Bhante @sujato, do you see an easy way to let the Voice team know in which Nikaya and which language a change has been made? This would be very helpful!

For the recent update for example it would be helpful to know if there are only changes to the English translation, or to the Pali too. So far we have only some VSMs for the Pali with Aditi; so if there hasn’t anything changed in the Pali, everything is still up to date.

Thank you for letting us know! :pray:


Karl has just discovered the answer to our question: :laughing:
Or at least part of it. We still don’t know when new content is updated on the website.


If you subscribe to the Github repo, will you get a notice on update? I think so! Maybe there’s a setting to receive an email or something.


I can be notified either for new releases—which I chose, but then found out that there are no releases, so no notifications will come. Or else I can be notified for all communication, which would really be a bit much, I think. So no automatism possible for the Voice team, unfortunately.

A notice on update would be great, if that’s possible to implement.


I’ll ask Aminah to look into it.


Before anything else, @karl_lew, can I just clarify if it is still so that Voice pulls from the SuttaCentral site rather than GitHub and it’s an automated notification specifically pertaining to SC site updates that would be useful for triggering rebuilds or whatever?


Yes. That’s right. Voice gets content from Given all the infrastructure changes in Github, it seemed prudent to adopt an invariant api. Therefore Voice would be affected anytime changes. There is some confusion about the release update cycle. Is it continuous from Github or is it updated independently of Github at set intervals? If it is continuous, then Github notification is sufficient. If it is independent, then some advance warning would be appreciated so that we might respond and coordinate Voice’s own releases.



Yes, absolutely. It’s the devs that update the site and currently there is no fixed update schedule. I’ll raise the point again at the next team meeting.