Urgent Clean Water needed for Skin Disease Outbreak among Buddhist Novices


Hello all,

On our buddhism journey, we have have come across people from all walks of life and obtained lots of blessings and knowledge from them. During one of our conversations, which lead to a visit to Luang Prabang, Laos, we came across the plight of novices mainly hailing from the the poverty stricken mountainside villages.

The families of these novices send them to the Vat Pha-O School which was specially built to offer financially disadvantaged Laotian children a holistic environment for a chance at receiving education and inculcating proper values in life.

The establishment houses up to 1,000 Child novices aged between 10 to 20, and up to 70 monks and nuns during peak seasons.

The school is currently lacking in clean water, a basic amenity required for the personal hygiene of the inhabitants.

This lack, coupled with the cramped living conditions of the premises, has resulted in widespread skin conditions, which are transmitted easily due to the contagiousness of these diseases.

The novices have a hard time focusing on their hopes of improving their lives through education amidst living in such stressful conditions.

We are hoping to put we have learnt about giving back to society into practice, as well as to benefit the Sangha.

We sincerely hope to be able to raise the required funds to build a functional water treatment distribution system to better the lives of these children, and hope the community can help us out with this project as well.



Thanks for letting us know about this project, we hope it succeeds. Please keep us informed.

If I make make a couple of suggestions?

When I saw your post, my first inclination was to ask, “Who are these people”? “Are they legit?” It would really help if you could give us your name and details of your story to show that we should trust you.

Secondly, I’m not sure if you’re aware, but the Buddhist Library in Sydney has been working on exactly this kind of aid for many years now, primarily in Cambodia. Perhaps they would help out?


Hi Sujato,

Thanks for your willingness to help and your invaulable suggestions. I have also approached the organisation in your link to seek for additional help, and hope they respond.

My name is Jonathan, and i am one of the leads for this project, and have personally went down to assess the situation in the area. I’ve actually prepared an EDM deck with more pictures and details, however new members aren’t allowed to post documents. I’d be happy to forward them to you if you require.

I did up the gogetfunding link with key information within it, as well as an overview, with the pictures of the situation. We have managed to raise some funds on our side privately, however, still have a way to go before achieving the desired amount to start work.

Hopefully more people can chip in to make a difference!