Uruvela kassapa

“ but he is no an arhat like me” Having trouble finding the story of the fire serpent king in the suttas uruleva kassapa and the actual meaning of the story

It’s in the Vinaya: SuttaCentral.


Search is being really fussy today. If you search for the name all as one word it will turn up the dictionary. But there are no hits in the actual vinaya, which is a problem


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It seems search isn’t willing to show anything but dictionary today.

It’s been playing up for me for about a week. I can’t search via sutta number at all.

Interesting that it’s in the Vinaya, because it’s in the book “life of the Buddha” by bhikkhu Nanamoli that I believe is mostly from the suttas. There is also an awesome scene about it in the animated telling of Buddhas life. Just wondering what the meaning is?

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No. There are many sections of the vinaya in that book. It would be difficult to tell the story of the life of the Buddha without them. You can learn more about the book here:

Don’t forget about