Vedana - exploration

I’m wanting to explore vedana a bit more. Which is the best sutta to read please?

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Try the Vedana Samyutta, at SN 36. SN36.3 is a nice place to start.

I put in those initials and numbers into google and the first hit showed:

    		SN 36.3
				PTS: S iv 205 
						CDB ii 1261
	Pahana Sutta: Giving Up					

That sutta gives some indication about what to do with the resulting impulse from vedana - give it up. At this stage I’m interested in a prior exploration of what it is, how it fits into a bigger framework, how to know it etc.


You don’t need to google. Sutta references are highlighted right here and turn into automatic, informative, hyperlinks. Just click on the reference and it will let you go straight to the original text or translation.

The whole samyutta deals with Vedana, so this is a starting point for you.

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Nothing working re hyperlinks… unless it is user error on my side?

No you are quite right; suttacentral is down and this is probably the problem. It’ll be back!

a good opportunity for anicca saññā


And we’re back. The links work now, as does the site.