Ven Katukurunde Nanananda passes away


I heard from a mani in Sri Lanka that the world famous Ven Katukurunde Nanananda, of The Nibbana sermons fame, has passed away. Has anyone heard this?

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I have not yet heard anything. This is very sad news if it is true. I have learned a lot from his sermons and I am sure that he was well established on the path. May he attain Nibbana.
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Yes, I’ve heard this as well. Ayya @TathaalokaBhikkhuni shared something on Facebook today concerning his passing. For those who don’t have Facebook:


I’m not exactly sure what the Sinhala says, so someone might need to provide a translation. There have also been pictures and video shared of his funeral service. :pray:


Brenna, it says ‘May our Bhanthe attain Nibbana’ indicating he has passed away.

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I have attempted a translation of the Sinhala caption on top as follows.

“The light of Dhamma that delivered free of cost, the books of Dhamma such as “Pahan Kanuwa” and “Nivane Niveema”, just like a mountain of light illuminating the masses who lived in the dark with its radiance, faded away like a candle blown away”.

Pahan Kanuwa, or Lamp Post is the name of a serious of sermons which he delivered over a long period of time. And, Nivane Niveema or Mind Stilled is his serious of thirty three sermons on Nibbana.
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Nibbana sermons

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I struggled with “Concept and Reality…” and “The Magic of the Mind”. But it does feel as though a light has now been extinguished somewhere. Sad news.


more info in DW.


Yes Ven Katukurunde Nanananda thero passed away 22nd night at around 2 am. Although he was very weak he was in good spirits just four hours before when I went to see him.


The funeral is today at 3 pm at Rev. Kaṭukurunde Ñāṇananda Sadaham Senasuna


His wisdom was important for me, as it was for many others. May he find peace!


The Venerable’s sermons and books are so inspiring to me. I am sad he is gone. May he attain nibbāna.



His books are available here:
among other places.