Ven Kiribathgoda Nanananda (Mahmeunawa) VS Ven Sri Samanthabadra


Interesting…I have read comments from people saying similar things particularly about Thanisarro before. When I’ve gone to investigator further I’m unable to find solid information and come to a dead end (may be that my googling is prejudice!).
Anyways I have no vested interest other than having read some of the books he’s written and listening to his talks. I’d really appreciate any source you have so that I’m better informed as to the issues people have raised. Hope this is not hijacking the original thread.
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Please search in Dhamma Wheel.
There are tons of discussion about this subject.


Counter 1.37 Ven. S says that Nibbana is the seventh sense. This is in line with that Nibbana as another type of consciousness. His teachings are definitly not Theravada.


According to ven. N , Abhidhamma was taught to non-humans in tawtisa so humans can’t understand it as their investigation skill is lower than deities. I think I prefer ven.S’s talks with his mistakes. :joy::joy::joy:

This is the video of ven.S presenting the report on errors of the Tripitaka by ven. N to Malwatu maha nayaka and anunayaka theros.