Verbal vs Mental Formations

In the Bhikṣuṇī Dharmadinnā Sutta (MN44), initial and sustained mental application is explained as being “verbal formation”.
As these two applications are factors of the 1st Jhana, I’m interested to understand the implications for our meditation practice of saying they are verbal formations instead of mental formations.

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Dear Alaber,

They are called verbal formations in the sense that they are the forerunners of speech. In this case they are the forerunners in the most basic sense of the term, that is, as the initial mental movement that is necessary for speech to be possible. This subtle movement only comes to an end in the second jhāna.

Mental formations, in the sense the expression is used in MN44, refers to feelings and perceptions. These are even more basic aspects of our mental life, and they do not come to an end until the full attainment of cessation.

With metta.