Verses in SN, Dhp, etc

Some small problems to consider in future planning.

Some SN suttas are abbreviated by referring to earlier ones. Unfortunately in cases like this:

-891 “‘Let it be whether or not he thinks,
… verses = 877-82 …

it is not easy to know where to find verses 877-82!

I notice that the Dhammapada translation doesn’t have any kind of internal numbering. Since most references are to either a verse number or a chapter.verse number this format makes it difficulty to use these translations to locate a reference.

Hopefully the first kind of problem will be overcome when we have our own translations.

As for the Dhammapada, the verse numbers, like all paragraph and page level references on SC, are hidden by default. Switch them on by hitting “Textual Information” in the sidebar.

Pro tip: you can go directly to the verse you want by simply adding it to the URL, prefixed by a hashtag; eg.

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