Veyyiikarana meaning

So I was seeing that there was a Tamil cop film called Vettaikaran and that it meant “The Hunter” and it got me thinking about hunting for the meaning of things and so now I am wondering if this is a translation of veyyiikarana in sutta, geyya, veyyiikarana, i.e sayings, verses, meanings (as in hunting down and pinning down the meanings of the sutta).

Am I on the right track or way off?

Way off :laughing: The Suttas are straightforward. No need to stalk them. Torture them into saying what we want them to say.

Interpretation and interrogation sound similar but are also two different words. This is not how linguistics is done.


Tamil and Pali belong to two different language groups. Tamil is Dravidian and Pali is Indo-Aryan. The relationship between them can often be confusing and uncertain. Especially once politics gets involved.

I assume the word Vettaikaran is related to Tamil Vēdu meaning “hunting”.

Which could also be related to Sanskrit vyādha (“hunter”) or veddhṛ (one who pierces).

There are a group of words in Pali from “vitta” meaning wealth which could also be related. There is a word in Pali which is migavittaka, an amateur hunter (deer hunter).

Maybe a @Ficus could clarify.

None of these have anything to do with veyyakarana.

I would not really recommend picking out random Tamil words and trying to find the relationship with Pali. It may be a frustrating and unproductive excercise.


Literally means a hunter, yes. I am not sure of the root, but vettai is ‘hunt’ , Kāran is the ‘one who does’(m)

I never thought a Tamil movie would be referenced in a post on a EBT forum :joy_cat::joy_cat::joy_cat: