Visit Sri Lanka with Bhante Sujato

If anyone is having apprehensions about visiting SL because of the current economic meltdown, please don’t worry about that. Things for tourists and travelers are not so bad. If the power cuts continue, the worst part would be the lack of fans/AC during the day.

Things are very difficult for the poor. But bringing in and spending foreign currency is probably one of the most helpful things you can do.


This was done at the ZOO retreat, take one, unedited:-) Welldone Bhante @sujato


Here’s a not very monkish story, but might encourage you to visit:

After a rains retreat in Na U Yana I traveled with my good friend Bhante Abhayaratana via bus to Kandy and met my parents there. We spent a good week or driving around the island with a tour guide. We saw tea factories high in the mountains, saw a Tudor mansion in Nuwara Eliya, went on safari in Udawalawe and ended up in a hotel on the beach in Galle.

Having spent a rather austere 4 months, I remember sitting in my colourful hotel room overlooking the water, reading a copy of P. D. James’ “Original Sin”. It was it’s own kind of bliss.

Anyway, once you’ve seen the holy sites there’s plenty to enjoy for a lay person.


Sharing some blissful moments from this inspiring event.
Needless to say how appreciative we are for your support and encouragement. Be happy!


Sadhu Deepika! Full merit to you for organizing everything and bringing us all together with the Dhamma!


The official photo is here. Anumodami!