Visuddhimagga in HTML format? O any other format with "clickable" footnotes?

Hello everybody! Perhaps someone knows, if there is Visuddhimagga in HTML with footnotes somewhere in the Internet? I have only managed to find PDFs and these don’t fit well for small screens.

Hi. It is in epub format over on the BPS website here. Epub format is quite close to html (uses a kind of xml/html formatting), so I’d imagine it wouldn’t be hard to find a tool to convert it to ordinary html. I’ve used Sigil to create epubs for my own ebook reader (a discontinued Sony model) and it looks pretty similar, but going the other way to use (taking web-based material and converting it into epub format). I’d guess Calibre can probably do the conversion though I’ve never tried that conversion type. Calibre does a great job converting epubs to mobi format (have a kindle also :slight_smile: ). As an aside, one issue I’ve had with epubs containing Pali is that my ebook can’t handle the diacritics properly (I get weird effects like the diacritic appearing but not the letter etc.), so I’ve unfortunately often tended to use PDFs which my readers can also handle.

But epubs also work well on small screens so I’d guess it shouldn’t be too hard a suitable software reader for your device, but there still is a possible issue with the rendering of diacritics I guess.

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Many thanks for the link. Indeed this very version is quite different. I have downloaded one EPUB yesterday, and the notes were quite difficult to get, but this one is much better! Many thanks!