Waking up in dark times, by Ajahn Sucitto

I found this inspiring.



Beautiful article thank you for sharing. I find that monks in England like the author or Ajan Amaro offer teachings which sometimes echo or are in line with the views of some modern thinkers in the social sciences or even the Arts whereas in Australia perhaps they have have more references to science and EBT.
I like the metaphor of artificial light to describe human rationality with its tendency to dominate nature rather than being just a part of it and looking after it.
Unfortunately I am not sure whether anything can be done to stop the process the Monk is denouncing since many thinkers have spoken out against it for the last century but I think Realpolitik considerations always win over these arguments.
One thing the author writes which I’m not sure I see how it is agreement with Dhamma is when he writes that truth will be spoken by someone who has known fear and anguish and all these negative emotions, where teachings from the early Buddhist texts say that you see the truth when you mind is freed from all negative emotion
Perhaps the “domination–exploitation paradigm.” the author is denouncing cannot in practice be eradicated in any setting since they are inherent in Human Nature. Some even argue that the opposition to nun’s ordination of which I believe the author was part is itself a manifestation of this tendency to want to dominate.:pray::pray::pray:


Great article, thank you for sharing. :anjal:

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