Walking meditation guide

Some of this has been discussed in a previous thread:

Hands clasped one enters seclusion. Hands free one partakes in the world. I did not believe this until I tried it a few months ago. I walk for an hour twice a day. Walking at a normal pace on paved streets barefoot is insanity. Your feet will get bloody and injured. My monk friend in Thailand laughed at me and said, “Karl, walk gently” After many bandaids and much limping, I am now convinced that gently works better. Slow and gentle. Mindful. Deliberate. :footprints:

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I realized today that by simply wearing a bright yellow work vest like any other official road worker, I present an image of “belongs here and is actively doing something with useful intent”. This provides immediate seclusion to me. I now wear the vest during the day as well for this reason. Society is happy and ignores me. I am happy and ignore it.

@irene I tried walking at normal speed yesterday and my feet got cut up. All those little freely swinging motions that we normally associate with walking caused my feet to shift ever so slightly and the skin broke easily after an hour. Walking slowly and mindfully this does not happen. If your feet do get cut up, try liquid bandage–it lasts longer than band-aids and does not litter the road.


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There’s good health benefits to walking barefoot also, as described in the book “earthing”

If you do enough barefoot walking, and the circulation of blood/qi improves, the feet get tougher and resilient to where you can walk and jog on gravel and not feel any discomfort and getting feet scuffed up and bloody. This is not about skin getting thicker.

I found that walking was not enough to improve certain health problems, doing slow jogging 30-60 min a day made a big difference compared to walking (it’s as gentle on your joints as walking if you do it right), i’ll post about it another time.

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