Wanted 🕵️‍♀ : Translator for SC-Voice interface

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Can you tell me which ones? Maybe I can provide some context.

Will do.

@erlendne, as to the language code: There is also the two-letter-code “nb” for Bokmål. That would perhaps be preferable, wouldn’t it?



Staging sewrver

You can see all the bits in the user section of Voice, but not in the admin section. If you have specific questions please ask, and I may be able to help with screenshots.


Thanks. Looked through it and it looks pretty good. The line I was very uncertain about was “Dedicated to the dark bound for light”.


This is the dedication of the Voice project: It is dedicated to those who live in the dark (blind an those with visual disabilities). For the sighted, there is only “To the dark bound for light”, but for those who “view” the site with a screen reader there is still the word “dedicated”. (This is with regards to mobile devices for which this line would cause problems if it is too long.)

The line “To the dark bound for light” as it is displayed on the website is a link that leads to some suttas that have this term. If they are translated into Norwegian the wording in our file should ideally be the same as in these suttas.


OK. Thanks for the clarification. I chose the somewhat poetic translation “Til mørket vendt mot lyset” which means literally “To darkness facing the light”. Not sure about the contextual meaning of “bound for light”. Does it mean “moving towards light”?


Yes, exactly. See for example in AN 4.85. There the context is of course different.


Cheers! I changed the translation accordingly and also did some other corrections. This is the result: (3.1 KB)


The staging server has now been updated.

If you click on the link “Dedikert til mørket på vei mot lyset” the effect is as if you type the respective passage into the search field. But Voice search does only search segmented texts, and so it won’t return a result in Norwegian, unless someone makes segmented Norwegian translations of the suttas.

Instead Voice is now searching the existing segmented translations and will return the results in English; or, in case you have the translation language set to German (“Deutsch”), one of the results will be in German (the others haven’t been translated yet). Looks funny with a real language mix:


Sadly I haven’t found much time so far to work on it, but I’d very much like to finish before the end-of-the-year release. I’ll try to carve out some time this week.


We are planning to release on Dec 9 hopefully.


Finished! :slightly_smiling_face:

I couldn’t find an existing Dutch translation of “Dedicated to the dark bound for light” so I translated it myself.

Can I do this after the Dec 9 release?


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Ssssuuure! :pray:


Now on staging, next week on production! :+1:


Wow! :heart_eyes: Looking forward to seeing the production version! :smiley:


Bedankt, Robbie. :pray: