Was Buddhism the religion of greek indians?

Dharma is Real. Sages are Real. Buddha was Real.

It just seems that Buddhism was changed by greeks. Just as was done with christianity.

For me that Ghandhara Art is mostly greek style is one evidence that it was greek indian religion.
And was there any study about this?

After Alexander the Great conquered Bactria and the Indus River Valley, Greek culture did enter into the area. There were Greek colonies and traders who settled and mixed with the natives. There was Persian influence before that (that was originally how writing developed in India AFAIK). During the time when Mahayana Buddhism was becoming popular in Central Asia (around 0-200 AD), the Afghanistan area was the center of an empire called the Kushan that allowed Greek, Persian, early Christian, and Buddhist religions to all coexist without much interference. (Kanishka was one of the Kushan kings.) It was quite the religious/cultural melting pot.


What does “AFAIK” stand for?

As far as I know. It’s what I recall from delving into the history of the region. The Persians arrive in modern day Pakistan first and brought writing with them, which spread to India.